Monday, July 11, 2011

That's not "Fair"!!!

We had an excellent awakening this morning. Someone had been in my car and taken some things while we were asleep. I will not say broke into, because nothing is broken. It's our fault we left the door unlocked. I say we because we were both in the car at the same time yesterday. Nothing major was stolen, and best of all they didn't break any valuable car parts which would cost a ton to repair.

I have to say that is one of my biggest annoyances. Why do people feel entitled to take things that don't belong to them? Most of everything I have ever gotten I've had to earn, and it drives me insane that other people get away with just taking the things they want.

Entitlement: belief that one is deserving of certain privileges.

People these days have a very strong and very false sense of entitlement. Get over it! The only thing in this world you deserve is what you work for directly. Anything you get besides that is a privilege, a bonus, something you don't necessarily get on a regular basis. No one on this Earth is obligated to give you anything you didn't work for. If you believe otherwise, you're an idiot.

I will not turn this into a political rant, although I could, because this is about so much more than politics, it is a mindset. A mindset that is so dangerous and so damaging and nobody seems to realize it. Take away the Government programs, and the Charities and all help altogether and get down to the bare bones of the statement: Everybody should have........... (insert whatever you want here)

As cold and as heartless as it sounds, no matter what you insert there, whether it's food, health care, education, clothes, an iPhone, whatever. The statement is false. It defies logic, it defies rationality. That very statement is the definition of entitlement, and the human race has begun to adopt it and has gone for the gusto with it in a never ending quest of making everything "fair." Life isn't fair. People still starve, children don't go to school, and younger people die every day. We don't live somewhere over the rainbow where everyone can have their fair share of everything and be happy and healthy in a little bubble. We live in reality.

 In reality, if you want something you have to EARN it. Some are taught that if you want something you have to take it, but behind that moron, I'm sure you'll find a whole slew of statements about entitlement. Something which probably sounds like, "Why do they get to drive that nice car and I don't? What makes them so special?" To that moron I say: chances are, someone worked very hard for that car so if you're envious, go pound some pavement and put in work, and maybe you'll work up to that nice car too. That rewarding feeling will be with you a whole lot longer than it would if you just take it.

And of course, a lesson for those of you who have that nice car, or something you don't want to loose. LOCK IT UP!!! Because no one ever said you were entitled to keep it. A lesson I'll do well to remember.


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