Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

There's your thought of the day. How many times have you uttered? "I Give Up!!" I know I have. I also know that those moments never got me anywhere. In fact, it was the very opposite moments which have helped me accomplish things I never thought I could. The moments where I said, "I will NOT give up" are the ones where I proved myself to myself.


On a very hot day about 2 years ago I was helping a friend move into her new duplex. I was on a roll getting her living area neat and tidy while she was very pregnant. There were a few things left in the living room one of them being a big, old school, tube in the back T.V. I'll venture to say it was a 32" because I'm not quite sure. I am 4'11 and this T.V had to be carried into my friend's master bedroom and hoisted on an armoir that was taller than me. I'd say it stood about 5 and a half feet tall requiring me to lift this T.V over my shoulders and put it up there. My friend said, "There's no way we can get that T.V we'll just leave it for Anthony to take care of." I thought, "This woman has known me long enough to know you can't tel me I can't do anything." So my natural response to my friend was, "Wanna bet?"

I went up to the T.V in the living room and I lifted it. I knew as soon as I picked it up, there really was NO way I was going to lift that thing past my knees, much less over my head on top of an armoir taller than me. Breaking a sweat and huffing and puffing I carried the T.V to her bedroom. I thought my legs were going to give out but I did it. I stared at the armoir for a second and thought about how I was going to get this done. Meanwhile, my friend was on the phone telling her husband jokingly about what I was going to attempt.

Anthony laughed on the phone and said, "There's no way she's going to get it, tell her to quit joking around before she throws her back out." Of course this added fuel to my fire. I already didn't like being called out once, but TWICE?? No Way! I had an idea. If I were just taller I could get the T.V on the armoir...
So I bolted back to the living room and began to drag two dining room chairs to the bedroom with me. I put the two chairs in front of the armoir with the seats facing each other. I lifted the T.V onto one chair and climbed onto the chair facing it.

After catching my breath from lifting the monster on top of the chair, I made sure I had enough balance and had my friend stand behind the chair I was standing on to make sure it was stabilized. I began to lift the T.V again, this time on top of the armoir. My arms were shaking from having lifted this dinosaur of a T.V the past two times, but I held tight. Sweaty and out of breath, I slowly managed to get the back of the T.V just over the top of the armoir, and I pushed the T.V back against the wall. I had done it! I felt like dying afterwards but I had done it!

How does this translate into a life lesson? Well it's simple, if you take "No!" for an answer, how will you know how far you can actually go? If you allow people, or the world to tell you what you are or are not capable of, instead of the other way around, what will you have accomplished?  If you turn away from closed doors with your head hung low you'll miss the open window. No matter how hard something is, no matter how many people insist that you will fail, if you want it, or believe in it you should try and keep trying. You are the only person that will have to live with the regret of not reaching your dreams, or at least trying one else.


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