Friday, July 15, 2011

Certify, Certify, Certify

I have been doing a lot of research over the different types of certifications available in my field of work. I have come to firmly believe you should certify in everything you're eligible for. It can do nothing but help you in the long run. I don't say this because it will fluff up your resume and make you look better, I say it because going through some type of certification program probably requires some learning, or at least refreshing of key concepts you either didn't know, or don't use and you forgot. Another benefit to certifying is that all professional fields are not constant. Laws change, times change, and as a professional one should always be trained in the most current aspects of their positions. A downside to having to certify is some certifications cost money. Another downside is some certifications require hours of testing. I would suggest doing all the research you can on what you need to be certified in. Figure out the next testing dates that will give you plenty of time to save the money needed for the certification, and also give you plenty of time to study, or attend the courses necessary.

 For example, my SPHR certification will cost me about $700 after all is said and done. I am quite frugal in some respects, and I will not invest $700 into taking a test that I may not pass. Therefore, I will take all the courses I can and read all there is to read about the subject. First, I will coordinate a time to attend the courses, and figure out which test date after my coursework is complete will work for me. Then I will attend all the courses, read outside of the course and get prepared for my test. This way, I'll know I'm ready.

I highly recommend the same for everyone who has thought about a certification they would like to have, or that might benefit them because there's never any harm in learning more, especially when it comes to your profession. It may seem like a struggle at first, but in the end I can almost guarantee you'll get something out of it. Job security at the very least!

After all....learning is the point, isn't it?


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