Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The next 25.

My apologies for such a long while of not writing. I would say it was a hiatus but every time I hear the word I think of some big brain taking a little while to unwind because all they've been doing is theorizing and coming up with ways to save the world. So, I would be undermining the integrity of the word if I used it. This is more like, I meat to write but haven't gotten a chance.

I woke up yesterday and realized at the end of this week I will be 25 years old. A quarter of a century! I have been blessed with opportunities not very many people can take advantage of, and I can't help but feel lucky to have done and seen the things I have.  Granted, my 25 year story hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows. Rarely anyone's ever is. I have made good decisions and at other times, very poor decisions. I have hurt people and people have hurt me. I've missed deadlines, and forgetten bills. I've had horrible days at work, and great days at work. I had very dark moments, and also ones filled with hope. I have hit rock bottom, and am clambering back up. There were days when I could not face the person in the mirror. There were days when I could not face those around me. There were days when I felt very unworthy, and days when I felt very ungrateful. I've been knocked down and lifted up only to be knocked down again. I've fought, I've lost, and I've won. I have listened and I have spoken. I have regretted, and forgiven. I have chased away many demons, and some still will not leave. Most importantly, I am happy to say...I've learned...and they say "Life is the geatest teacher."

In my next 25, I hope to worry less, relax more, continue working on making me better, and enjoy every single second. They go by quickly and wasting them on trivialities is an insult to the gift.


October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month so, wear your pink, donate what you can, hug the women in your life often, and do your part to heal the world.


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