Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wild Fires and Hurricanes

It seems like the past few weeks have been absolutely insane in terms of natural disasters and weather. This of course doesn't include the huge tornadoes ripping through our country. Labor Day is approaching which for many means a three day weekend, and for some it doesn't mean much. To me, it's a time to be thankful and hopeful. I am proud every time I hear about a new volunteer group forming to help those who have suffered a loss. For someone who wasn't even born in this country, I get warm fuzzies when I witness how caring, neighbourly and willing Americans are in terms of helping each other. All you ever hear on the news, especially these days, is the aforementioned atrocities and also the ugly political banter which has done well to separate the people of this country in an attempt at personal gain. It's refreshing to see that people are still willing to give a helping hand, drive cross country, and spend their time doing something for their neighbours, whether it's a two mile separation, or an 800 mile separation.

I encourage everyone to realize that these things are what make this country great. The ability to always rise above, together. I encourage everyone to really listen to what is happening around them and before making judgements take a moment to walk in your neighbours shoes and consider all of the facts before drawing a conclusion.I encourage everyone to lay their egos and pride aside and realize you are part of so much more than your own tiny little world. I encourage everyone to believe in the power of love, and humanity. I challenge everyone to do something nice for a complete stranger at least 10 times over the Labor Day holiday, and if someone does something nice to you, I encourage you to pay it forward. Inspire those around you to be better people, by making a conscious effort to be a better person yourself.

You will take nothing with you when you go....but you will leave so much behind. The choice is yours whether it will be positive or negative.


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