Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Message for Employers/ Recruiters

A recent conversation with a close friend inspired me to write this blog, because I have had it happen to me, and now several other people I know.

Creating a FALSE sense of urgency.

There are MILLIONS of people in the United States currently looking for jobs. Some are more fortunate than others and are currently bringing in income while others are desperate to get employed because they have no money coming in. The people who are desperately looking for work will be some of the most reliable candidates you have ever seen. They will be 15 minutes early to every appointment, they will come dressed better than anyone else, and they will emit an Ora of the highest professionalism you have seen thus far (there are of course exceptions to this general rule.)  These people will also take it very personally when you blow them off, even if it is unintentional.

When you make your initial phone call to your prospective candidates do not open with something like this: "When is the soonest you are available to meet as we are looking to expedite this process and fill the position as quickly as possible." The over achiever, desperate job seeker on the other end of the line will take you for your literal word. They will shuffle anything in their current schedule to make it to the soonest appointment possible just to get a foot in the door.

This person will show up to their interview and do everything they can to impress you. When you are finished interviewing this person, they will still remember what you previously told them about needing to expedite the hiring process. Therefore, if it takes you two weeks to contact them for a second interview, or even with a rejection letter, you will leave this person confused, miffed, but worst of all with a bad taste in their mouth about your Company. Making your business or Company look bad is something no body should encourage or partake in, not even HR personnel.

Even if you really are looking to expedite the hiring process but the Vice President came down with a case of the chicken pocks and hasn't been in for two weeks leaving you with no decision making power, completely omitting the fact that you are "trying to expedite the process" in your intial contact with the person you are looking to interview will eliminate the potential for you to look bad in the long run and come up with excuses later on.


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