Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A New Day

I accidentally stumbled upon an old blog of mine from 2012. As I read my postings and the wisdom I espoused upon, well, nobody really, I did remember how much I liked to write. So, I gave the blog a face-lift and decided to give this another shot. I have a lot more to say today than I did then. Life has tested me and in some ways broken me, and I believe I am all the more stronger for it. I hope that whoever reads this may find encouragement and help but most of all, truth of their own. I often feel I do not belong in this world, and if that's you too, welcome!

I believe women are fierce. I also believe women are so much more than the box that social media and media in general have stuck us in. I believe there is power in femininity but I do not believe new age feminism has done anything for our gender, Oh and yes, I believe in gender. I am not here to convince you of anything you do not wish to be convinced of but, to merely offer logic and a different way of looking at the world. "Different" seems to be very frowned upon these days but here, we'll embrace it, unapologetically.


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