Friday, January 6, 2012

Furry miracles and a long week!

We have found Scooby Doo!!! A lovely couple, Skylar and Dave, found Scooby Doo when he crossed 6 lanes of traffic on a main street and went on an adventure. We skimmed through Craigslist and didn't find anything so I posted an ad in the lost and found section. The next morning, I had a message in my inbox that said they had found Scooby. I didn't believe it at first because there were two other dogs that ran away from the same area we lived in and were already posted for on craigslist. I asked Skylar if she could send a picture to verify it was him. When I saw his little face pop up on that text message I probably jumped about 3 feet. I was so glad that little guy didn't get run over, or sick, or taken. Lilly is still pretty indifferent about it...I think she's kind of put out that the little ball of energy is back to bug her.

This week although a day short has proved to be the longest week ever! I have been dealing with some unnecessary hatefulness coming my way but it doesn't matter. There will always be people whom you intimidate or rub the wrong way. This morning on my drive in I was listening to Chuck Swindoll. He was preaching on knowing your convictions and living by them and I smiled because I try to do just that every day. I am confident in who I am and my abilities, be it at work or personal. Therefore, a little hatefulness from people who are not equally grounded in their convictions and still trying to find their place in the world, is OK with me. I'll just smile, do my thing, and pray for them because they obviously need it. Life becomes lighter and a little easier to live when you know yourself and know that no matter what people around you think or say, you're going to be you without any reserve about it.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

I'm looking forward to catching up on housecleaning, and trying out some meals from Meal Planning 101. Kindra has some fairly easy recipes and I really want to try the basics of meal planning. I feel it'll save us so much money...bringing us ever the closer to buying our first house =]


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